Eight questions for...

Karl Wehrle, board chairman in the Monastic Island of Reichenau World Heritage Foundation

When I visit the World Heritage Site of the Monastic Island of Reichenau, what should I definitely not miss?

A must, of course, is visiting the three Romanesque churches on the Monastic Island of Reichenau. You should also definitely see the famous frescos in the Church of St. George, the treasury of the Church of St. Mary and St. Markus, and the idyllically situated Church of St. Peter and Paul. In addition to that, the three museums on the World Heritage island provide detailed information about the history of the three churches, built between the 9th and 12th centuries.

What do you particularly like here?

The island's natural landscape - the shores with their reed beds and the agricultures areas of the island, with their vegetable fields and vineyards.

Do you have an insider tip?

A relaxing stroll, from church to church, around the island's shores.

What impressed you most during your first visit here?

To this day, I'm still fascinated by the landscape and the cultural treasures of the Monastic Island of Reichenau.

Which time of the year is the most attractive here?

Naturally spring and summer are especially attractive on an island in the middle of a lake. But fall and winter also have their charms. That's when you have the churches almost all to yourself and you can even find time to meditate and connect with yourself.

What else should I see here?

A trip to the highest peak on the island, the "Hochwart," is well worth it. From there you get a magnificent view of the entire World Heritage Site and of course the lake and the rich and varied surrounding landscape.

Visiting World Heritage Sites means working up an appetite. What regional specialty should I try?

If you like, you can live entirely on natural produce from the Monastic Island of Reichenau: fish, vegetables, salad. And to go with that Reichenau wine – simply delicious.

And which World Heritage Site would you like to see one day?

I really want to see the World Heritage Sites of Stralsund and Wismar. A lakeside dweller like me is always drawn to water.

Karl Wehrles

home is the area surrounding the Monastic Island of Reichenau. He studied public management and governance in nearby Constance.

He has been responsible for cultural affairs in the Reichenau parish since the 1980s, and has been board chairman in the Monastic Island of Reichenau World Heritage Foundation since 2009.