Eight questions for…

Melanie Backhausen, tourism expert

When I visit the World Heritage Site of Goslar, what should I definitely not miss?

The majestic trio of our World Heritage Site - the beautiful historic town center with its attractive alleyways, the visitors center at the Rammelsberg mines, and the upper Harz Water Management System in its impressive natural landscape.

What do you particularly like here?

The many preserved timber-framed houses with their intricate details and the winding alleys, where you always discover something new.

Do you have an insider tip?

The view of the historic town center from the north tower of the Market Church.

What impressed you most during your first visit here?

The beautiful townscape and all the nature right on the outskirts of town.

Which time of the year is the most attractive here?

All seasons have their attractions, but my favorite is fall. That's when you can go on the most picturesque walks in the Goslar region - for instance to explore the World Heritage upper Harz Water Management System.

What else should I see here?

During Advent you should not miss our unique Christmas forest - which is part of our Christmas market.

Visiting World Heritage sites means working up an appetite. What regional specialty should I try?

My tip is to have Harz cheese with bread and dripping, together with mustard or onions.

And which World Heritage Site would you like to see one day?

The historical old town of Regensburg.

Melanie Backhausen

was born and grew up in Celle, a small town to the north-east of Hannover.

Her training in hotel management took her to Switzerland and Canada, among other countries. Goslar has been her professional home since 2010, and she has been responsible for public relations on the town's tourist board since 2012.